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Best British tradition with modern products

In 1905 the British company Gola was founded in Leicester and now can look back on an over hundred year old eventful and successful history. The range of various product groups and Accessories expanded over the years. In 1975, the sports bags with the Gola Logo became a cult accessory for young people. They exist until today in many different colors and variations. The shoes have changed from pure sport shoes to suitable ones for everyday use. Nowadays there are as well fragrances and hygiene articles for man and woman.

The women's line with floral design is an eye-catcher which emanated from the cooperation with the famous Londoner Department Store Liberty, who is then thankful for the store's famous cloth collection with prevalent flower design.

The origin of the men's product line, with the British flag as design cannot be denied - body wash, shaving gel, moisturizing balm, hair gel and eau de toilette for sporty men.