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The Muppets
Scent and care with Star Character

She is the most famous swine of the world. Miss Piggy, the capricious swine dame with diva-like allures and steadfast conviction that she was born to be a star always creates distress among the Muppets, however her medium is indispensable.

The emotional story of this character with big eyes began indeed in the 50's, however with the Muppet films of 2012, the colorful flock attracted the new generation. And now the success film will be continued with "The Muppets Most Wanted" in 2014.

Miss Piggy, who has always loved Kermit the frog, has developed herself into a real styling icon. Vivienne Westwood, a famous designer has sewn various evening gowns for Miss Piggy's round figure and has styled a wedding gown which Miss Piggy will wear on her wedding in the coming film. Numerous fashion and cosmetic articles have already been promoted with Miss Piggy's good name and for our new scents and series of nurture products, of course Miss Piggy is likewise the center of attraction. The packaging is attractively adorned with Miss Piggy's image.

Despite of the conflicts and misunderstandings among them, friendship and solidarity are utmost important for the Muppets. This is as well a big issue for girls and women who are our primary target group for our new product series.