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Sesame Street
Showering and bathing fun for clever kids

These products will bring joy in your bathroom! The lovable dwellers of the Sesame Street, some of which are to be seen on the packaging will make hair-washing a "happening" of its kind. Its "foaming hand soap" will keep children's hands voluntarily clean.

When Sesame Street began its success story, the broadcasting concept was new and extraordinary. There was never a tv program of this kind prior to this; where adults, children and puppets are used together. Until now, some of these characters are cult characters: Bibo, Elmo and the crumb monster with the rolling eyes did not simply make the program unique; they as well fixed themselves in the minds of people of different generations.

In 2009, Sesame Street turned 40 and the show is being broadcasted in more than 140 countries worldwide.

This successful concept is continued with our products which are available in different sizes. Our primary target group of small kids will surely be happy to have these colorfully-packed products with the images of different Sesame Street characters.