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Sex and the City
The ultimate city perfume!

A story of four intelligent, perky, absolutely different from one another women..., adeptly enjoying Manhattan life, conquered the hearts of millions of women of all ages worldwide. The four women began setting new trends in fashion, color and jewelry from the start of the series.

Now on the market.. the first official perfume of the series, developed by one of the worlds reknowned perfume producer, (Parfumeure) Givaudan. A fragrance reflective of an intelligent, self-assured woman of today... Timeless, classic, suits every fashion, righteous for every situation for a day in the city!

Citrus fruits and red berries scents deliver the fresh breeze one needs for a long day.. The heart of the fragrance is the feminine and pleasantly intense scent of Jasmine, Gardenia and Orange Blossoms.
The final notes of caramel, sandalwood and musk flower scents cater for elegance and finesse.