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Care for large and small "heroes"

Superman is an American legend. The story began as comic in a daily newspaper. Meanwhile it does not only appear in comic books, on television series and films, but is as well a regular radio character. For this reasons, Superman is fixed in the minds of people of different ages and interests and his image has got a high recognition value, The highly reputable man in blue suit, and red cape with a striking yellowish-red "S" emblem on a distinctive chest shield. He is thankful for his supernatural powers which he uses for the welfare of the people.

Superman was born in Krypton and was brought to earth when he was an infant. He was then adopted by a farmer couple where he grew up in the countryside of Kansas. His earthly name is Clark Kent. He lives in the fictitious American City Metropolis and works as a journalist for the "Daily Planet". Superman was identified by IGN (Image Games Network) as the greatest comic hero and all following heroic characters are simply versions of him. The last Superman film (Man of Steel) was shown in 2013 and the next production is planned in 2015 and so the story continues.

Our target age group for this scent and series of nurture products begin with young boys. However, youths and adults, who identify themselves with the supernatural-talented and morally good Clark Kent and his struggles against the bad and evil in this world, would surely grab these products.