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Brand management, not only for football players

The roots of the English brand Umbro lays in Chesshire, where the Humphrey brothers the apparel company founded in 1924 as response to the growing national interest in football.

Since the 30's Umbro became the official apparel provider numerous English football associations. Since the Summer Olympics 1952 the whole British Team completed the games in Umbro apparel which as well was kept in the following years. In 1957, the assortment was stretched to tennis apparels.

Today, Umbro is producing all kinds of sport apparels and is the official sponsor of football clubs in more than 140 countries in Europe, USA and Australia. The original assortment expanded to various scents and series of nurture products carry Umbro's diamond-form logo on the packaging. The eye-catcher red and blue stripes and the simple design of the 90's are not only attractive for avid sportswomen and men. This traditional brand is now continued with the new series of nurture products with a wide range of from head to foot products which appeal to men of all ages who value sporty scent and simple design.